1.) Professional Admin. Services

Dierdre Avant 


2.) All Hands on Deck Cleaning

Grady Sanders

3.) Guardian Angel Pest Managment

Rodney Casen

4.) Inspired Events by GiRo

Event Planning

Gerri Washam and Rochelle Benton


5.) JC Consulting LLC: A Boutique Cosulting Firm for Small Businesses

J'nelle Clements

6.) Creative Spaces

Priscilla Lancaster

7.) Secure Foundation Childcare 

Auanita Corley and Juanita Taylor

8.) Melody's Carrot Cakes

Melody Mason

9.) Smoothie Shack 

April Ebright

10.) Bartology Cleanout Service 

David Bart


11.) A R Removal Ltd.

Albert Naylor

12.) Non-medical transportation

Shawna Milton

13.) Cleaning Business

Deseri Dillard


14.) Claymont Canines

Doggy Day Care

Carla and Cameron Hurly

15.) Home Based Day Care

Carolyn Fox Radford

Home Based Day Care

16.) Car Detailing

Ean Fuller and Melac White

17.) Tutoring Center, Family Mentoring

Myron Hargrow

18.) Women's Clothing Boutique

Tanisha Bullock

19.) House Renovations

Terry Matthews

20.) Food Franchisee

Jeet Patel

21.) The Central Firm

Helps firms lower their fixed costs

Margaret Loflus

22.) Chambers Foundations

Bige Chambers

23.) Fitness classes for youth

Sheena Porter

24.) Mobile Ice Cream Stand

Qadree Tillery

25.) Nira and Nirav Parekh

Coconut distribution

26.) Hybrid Bakery

Shavonne Fair

27.) Big Mar Car Detailing

Jamar Wright

28.) Graphic Arts Business

Nakeba Mabin

29.) Hope's Caramels

Hope Shuert/ Brady Shuert

30.) Pushermens Property Management

Ernie Lowden

31.) Open Heartz Care, LLC

Rosemary Johnson-Eaton

32.) Handcrafted Body Products

Patricia Person

33.) Abiade Ogunsola

Nutritional Consultation

34.) Traci Simmons 

Message and Spa

35.) Real Estate Brokerage Firm

Sharon Hamilton

36.) Latorrea Slater

Beauty Supply

37.) Yolonda Bryson


38.) Leigh Burton

Co-op for Artists

39.) Carla Brightwell

Catering/ Smoothies

40.) Sandra Schultz


41.) Ebony Khandacker

Drive Thru Convenience Store

42.) Rita Clark

Dance Studio/theater

43.) Summer Constant

Hair Salon Specializing in Cancer Patients

44.) DaSean Williams and Brandon Johnson

Cleaning Business

45.)Lydia Turner

Natural Elements Skin Care

46.)Darla Fox

Wholesale Foods

47.)Diketa Myers

Specialized Cheesecakes

48.) Jenna and Iman Blackwell

The Nursery Daycare



 49.) Angelica's Cleaning Services 

 Angelica Morales

50.) Myster Lemonade LLC

 Nasai and Nataki Oliver


51.) Scott McNemar

Lights out Screen Printing

52.) Albert Ryans

Simplr Resource Staffing

53.) Corina Hayes

YoCo Knit Shop: Not Your Nana's Knits

54.) Jeremy Hebbel

The Ladybug Music Festival

55.) Kenisha Sutherland

Chef Thug Life

56.)Michael L Lewis Jr.

M. Lewis Bowties

57.) Levine Coates

Levine's Declutter and organizing Services

58.)Tanya Banks

Bright Futures Childcare Center

59.) Tiffany Greenfield


60.) Elizabeth Cole

Tax Prep/ Bookkeeping Notary

61.) Samantha Morris

Homecare services

62.) Jacqueline Fassette

Cleaning Business

63.) Malik Johnson

Gym/ Trainer

64.) Ebony Barksdale

DK Pops

65.) Saliym Cooper

Bike Library

66.) George Brown

Tow-truck company

67.) Naa Ayeley Akakpo

Ghanaian Food Store

68.)Brad Wagner

Hangman Brewery

69.)Sara Taiba

Café/ Bistro

70.)Tae Won Joung

Korean Fusion Take-out

71.) Hana Hyland

Event Planning

72.) Michele Williams

Clothing Apparel

73.) Irene Casteneda

Veronica's Kitchen

74.)Matt Stasio

North Dupont Barber Shop

75.)Erika Murray

Meal plan program for employees

76.)Kimburli Gold

Squeezebox Records

Latino (Wilmington):

77.)Orlando Sanchez

Cleaning Warriors

78.)Milagros Martinez Alonso


79.)Jose Francisco Tineo

Tineo's Auto Repair

80.)Rozario Jardon Merida

Cleaning Company

81.)Sergio Martinez

Smart Distributor LLC

82.)Osiris Torres


83.)Marilu Mendez Bernabe

Servicias Amaya LLC

84.)Josefina Casteneda

Smart Cleaning

85.)Erika Guedez


86.)Sandra Sevilla and Benny Rosas

Tigeris Auto Motor

87.)Marco Garcia

Sandwich Shop

88.)Analine Ayala

El Contaro

89.)Lourdes Ayala

Servicios Meseros

90.)Efren Ledesma

Edward's Lawn Care

91.)Teresa Ayala

Victor's Catering

93.)Acasio and Maria Martinez, Pedroza

Taqueria Los Pinos

94.)Emma Malvaez

DD Cleaning Services

95.) Vincente Martinez


96.) Antonia and Gabriel

Toni's Cleaning Services

97.) Angel Jaramillo

Angel's Cleaning Services

98.) Martin Vasquez

East Coast Auto Repair

99.) Diego Pantoja


100.) Braulio Antron

Gracie Cafe

101.) Dominque Gaines

and Gary Crawley

Mini Market

102.) Kelly Penoyer

Wholesale Construction Materials Business

103.)Jacquita McDaniels

J's Custom Vinyl Printing

104.) Kossi Migan

Young Brand Custom T shirts

105.) Evan Everett


106.) Chad Williams and Justin Osburn

Hands on Deck Moving Company

107.) Jessica Sweinhart

Custom T-shirts

108.) Jeff Tagle

Brewery/ Tap Room/ Batch Brewing/  Bitters

109.)  Reba Khan

Fashion Loungewear

110.) Kirell Brown

Restaurant/ Catering

111.)Pere Gaddis

Restaurant/ Catering

112.) William Ward

Details Auto Spa LLC

113.) William D'Angelo Lewis

Fitness Training

114.) Jim Fultz

Exterminating Company

115.) Jessica Johnson



117.) D'Andrea Walker

Laser tag/ Family Fun Dover Facility

118.) Randall Guinn

Renovates Homes

119.) Desazari Piper

Fruit Nation Smoothie Co.

120.) Jenay Friend

Clean Genie Cleaning Services

121.) Bobbi Jacobs Hoover

Hoover Services (Individual Therapy Practice)

122.) Tomeka Crawford

Tomeka's Crawford

123.) Cleon Robinson

The Mobile Tech

124.) Rochelle Kilby

Global Business Staregies

125.) Michael Kilby

All steam clean, detailing car wash

126.) Darell Contee

The Art House/ Multi Media Creative COmplex

127.) Larveania Bagwell

The Cake Lady

128.) Jasmine Justice

Retail, Internet, store boutique

129.) Bryan Bailey

New Wave Clothing Line

130.) Charles Gilbert

Ice Cream Dreams

131.) Stephanie Green

Event Planning

132.) Tine Hudson

Vintage Inspired Clothing Store

133.) Tina Riley


134.) Chandra and Orlando Short

Graphic Design Firm

135.) Byron Hall

Music DJ

136.) Jakkari Hinton

Hair Salon

137.) Faruq Hendricks

Vertical Music Productions

138.) Joshua Chellah

Restaurant Lounge

139.) Akinyemi Cole

Bootcamps/ Athletic Gym

140.) Sean Stewart

Mobile Auto Repair: Tasks-R-Us

141.) Tammy Wilson

Contracting/ Real Estate 

142.) Jaron Bennefield

Jaron & Son Landscaping

143.) Christina Chambers

Uber for Kids

144.) Chaze Person

Custom made Audio Equipment

145.) Christina Person

Bakery Specializing in Pies

146.) Tameka & Samuel Evans

Gaming Lounge

147.) Bobby Brown

Cleaning Business

148.) Brandon Barnes

Food Truck


149.) Bryan Barnhill

Grooming, Dining, Car-detailing

150.) Roni Singletary


151.) Alexander Franklin

Clothing Line